TAO Travels is a travel blog with a focus on slow travel. We don’t plan much, we eliminate stress and try to enjoy all parts of traveling. The feeling of freedom while on a journey is essential to us.

We let go of travel guides and only be led by life itself, which basically is the meaning of “TAO” within the traditional Chinese philosophy.

Although this all might be perceived as spiritual, we simply aspire to have fun and show you amazing spots around the globe.


“It isn’t that you travel the world to see the world. The world is always around us: all there and fully assessable if you are open to it. Funny how many ways this is taught, shown and revealed… And yet in the rush to get somewhere, people miss so much.”


Sophia Molen is the founder and writer behind TAO Travels. Sophia is born in Amsterdam and started to travel non-stop as soon she succeeded in her online company. Having spent quite some time in Bali, South Europe, California, Arizona and Brazil, she felt it was the right time to start her own travel blog. She shares her travel stories of past and coming journeys, enlivened by the philosophies of Taoism.


Sophia Molen also blogs on topics like fashion and philosophy at Tao of Sophia.


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