Highlights of Albufeira

After having lived in this city for a period of two months, you would think I know the best of Albufeira, a city located in the Algarve, Portugal. By putting on a shameful face, I gotta tell you I probably know the party area of the old city the best. However, I’m not sure if I have any pub or club to recommend, even after spending so much (night)time there…

But it’s not my intention to put a bad light on Albufeira. Not at all. I really enjoyed living there those two months. The old city is beautiful and pure (when you think away tourism), and I found the surrounding nature unexpectedly unique.

Albufeira isn’t the most trendy place, but I did love Sal Rosa to have a good glass of wine at with a breathtaking view over the ocean and Al Café for a mint tea in an Arabic ambiance. Two really cute places within the old city of Albufeira.

I was addicted to Urban Pizzas where I must have eaten three times a week (if not more). The coolest pizzeria in town, but still not cool, but great pizzas and a pleasant ambiance. For simple and good (and cheap) local food go to Restaurante O Veleiro. You will feel an authentic Portugal while dining with the locals.

I was highly impressed by Falesia Beach (or Praia de Falesia) which takes like a 20 minutes drive from the old city. An elongated beach with immense red-colored cliffs. Beautifully shaped from some sort of clayish soil. No rocks. I found it really unique and gorgeous. If you would bring me there blindfolded for a GeoGuess kind of game, I would have said it’s Africa. Maybe even without a blindfold.

If you’re looking for an authentic Albufeira, walk around the coast towards the west side of the city. Just keep on walking until you feel you’re getting more distant from the tourists.

Highlights of Albufeira" />