4x Most Fun Parties in Canggu, Bali

4x Most Fun Parties in Canggu, Bali

Once a week, I find myself laying down at the pool with a hangover. Ok, sometimes twice a week. Sometimes 3, 4, 5.. But well, you know what that means? Parties in Canggu are good! They are free-spirited, they are trendy and they offer various music.

The party scene is always changing around Canggu, so it doesn’t come effortlessly to keep track on the hot spots. But don’t worry, I will update you guys once a few weeks from now on! (subscribe to our newsletter)

The Lawn on Friday nights

Friday nights are for The Lawn. This is the place where the good-looking Canggu family is hanging out: the creative Bali entrepreneurs and the nomads who are stuck on the island and still call themselves traveling (me). Same faces every Friday night. The tourists are slowly finding the way to The Lawn.

Take a well-filled wallet with you.

The Slow

I could write an entire post about my love for The Slow, and I will, but let’s talk about their parties now. They throw a party once or sometimes twice a month. A party filled with the cool, artistic people. Experimental music and a retro interior design. Laid-back with intention. Kindness everywhere.

My favorites are the roof terrace parties (not during wet season). Keep an eye on their Facebook and also pay attention to their exhibitions with the coolest artists.

Old Mans

The oldie but goldie. If you’re looking for a place that’s having a party every single night, Old Mans it is. It’s famous for its Wednesdays night when it’s filled with tourists and backpackers having the times of their lives. It’s fun, I gotta be honest, just be prepared for a young public (18-23 years mostly).

Also worth mentioning: beer is twice as cheap as at The Lawn.


After Old Mans comes Sandbar. A well-known adventure. There are two different Sandbars, one on the beach in front of at Old Mans and one at Echo Beach. Enjoy a wild party whilst dancing in the sand and feeling the waves nearby.

Getting more and more drunk goes naturally, but don’t lose your alertness. I got several friends being pickpocketed or having a bike accident on the way back home.

When? When there’s a big party at Old Mans, you can expect a party at Sandbar, but it’s always different. Just ask around people.