5x Highlights of Gothenburg, Sweden

5x Highlights of Gothenburg, Sweden

It’s probably the most Nothern I’ve been so far: Gothenburg. It’s Sweden’s second largest city – a port city with a huge Harbor and lots of canals through the city. I remember the friendly and jovial ambiance. I felt at home straight away. I’ve been wondering if that’s because of having Swedish grandparents (several generations back though), or because of the lovely atmosphere around the city, or because I basically feel home anywhere. Whatever it is, I will highlight you my Gothenburg favorites to make you feel home in the city straight away.


Haga is Gothenburg’s most trendy neighborhood and I understand why. The ancient houses are beautiful, it has plenty of cute shops and restaurants and it feels so good to just stroll around the area. So that’s what you should do an afternoon in Gothenburg: stroll around Haga and have a coffee here and there.

Le Petit Cafe

One of Haga’s cutest restaurants is Le Petit Cafe. Its adorable interior design will make you feel like you’re in a dollhouse. The food will make you feel like you’re in doll’s heaven.

Bar Flamingo

Bar Flamingo

This bar is fun fun fun. Flamingo has an indoor’s space but definitely stay outside if the weather allows you. The outdoor bar is creatively built of pink-painted wood and they hang lots of cute lights. The ambiance makes it easy to meet new people from the city!

Gothenburg’s Archipelago

Only a 30-minutes tram ride (tram 9 or 11 to Salthomen) will take you to Gothenburg’s archipelago. Take a boat to one of the islands and experience an authentic Scandinavia: colorful wooden houses, green nature, space (which is very noticeable to a Dutch girl) and serenity. Just walk around and enjoy the peace.

The Harbor

Walk around the harbor at the city’s side of the large canal nearby central station called Inom Vallgraven. You will find colonial Swedish buildings on one side and the harbor on the other side.

You could take a ferry to the other side of the canal to experience the greatness of Gothenburg’s harbor.