5x Highlights of Menorca – Balearic Islands

5x Highlights of Menorca – Balearic Islands


Menorca is one of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean sea. The only one of the four Balearic islands that I visited so far, and one of the smallest. You won’t even have to think about the distance from the airport to your stay. The drive can’t be any longer than one hour.

Menorca is the perfect little island to unwind or for some quality time with your loved ones. I had the tendency to feel bored as it was really quiet and no many people were around in the month May. Personally, I love a place where you’re able to meet cool people and where lots of things are happening. Menorca is not like that, as far as I discovered. Nevertheless, the island is worth visiting if you want to be surrounded by relaxing nature. And of course: for the beautiful beaches it’s known for.

Ciutadella de Menorca

A beautiful city full of warm colors, wherever you might look around. A really small city, as you won’t need more than an hour to walk through it, but the city still excites me somehow. I don’t know exactly what it is but strolling through it feels extremely comfortable.

The city has lots of trendy fashion shop and art shops. Something I was surprised to find and which puts the city even higher in my mind.

Menorcan Beaches

The beaches of Menorca are without a doubt a highlight. A white shore and turquoise seawater, surrounded by interestingly shaped rocks. It has a bunch of “secret” beaches (the island is that small, I’m actually scared to use the word secret). But anyway, we travel addicts love any place called secret and hidden, right?

Try Cala Escorxada which appears to still be the most secret one of them.


A cute all white village on the Menorcan coast. We had a tea on the roof terrace of restaurant Sa Naveta with a beautiful sea view and over the white village. Idyllic.

Cova D’en Xoroi

A club carved into a cliff with a dramatic sea view. Even more idyllic.

Far D’Artrutx

A lighthouse all up West of the island. In the mornings for a coffee with sea view and the mountains of Mallorca. In the evenings for a glass of wine during sunset. This restaurant has such an easy and laid-back atmosphere. We used to go twice a day as it was only a ten minutes walk from Cala’n Bosch where we stayed in an apartment (super touristic, not to be recommended).