Apartment in Versailles – Les Demoiselles à Versailles

A little girls trip is what I did last weekend. Me and two close friends drove six hours from Amsterdam to Versailles, a city closely located to Paris and known for its huge Château de Versailles.

We stayed at an apartment called Les Demoiselles à Versailles. The apartment is right in the middle of pretty much everything, which makes it such a perfect stay. Both the gardens and shopping area are just minutes away by foot. Nothing is more relaxed than leaving your hotel and knowing you’re already where you want to be. Also, the train station is within walking distance, so you could easily take the train to Paris as well.

The apartment offers a great mix of luxury and comfort. The kitchen has everything you will need and the bathroom is really modern and extremely clean. Us three having our own beds also made it extra comfortable this weekend.

Demoiselles has a view on part of the Castle, the Royal Opera and the Royal Chapel which gives the ultimate Parisian feeling. The beautiful classic buildings made me dream away.

If you’re a sucker for beauty, history and culture, you will love Versailles and the apartment Les Demoiselles can’t be any more perfect for you. If I would have more time to spend here, I would have tested the private concierge service, which is a unique concept in Versailles. for even more luxury and comfort.