Chandra Bali Luxury Villas

Chandra Bali Luxury Villas

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I stayed at Chandra Bali Villas with my little brother a while ago. We had such a blast: a few relaxing and creative days in the middle of Seminyak. Having our own private villa and swimming pool, we were spread over with luxury and comfort.

The first thing I always focus on when entering a villa is the interior design. Chandra expresses a nice mix between Balinese and modern style which made me feel at home straight away. As a sucker for bathroom interiors, it was my favorite part of the villa: a spacy outdoor bathroom surrounded by greenery, wood and marble and gorgeous sunlight would slightly shine through in the afternoon. Don’t keep the sliding doors to the bedroom open after sunset, you might have a restless night and mosquito bites all over your face, like my first night!

A butler would drop by and make us breakfast in the mornings, which was set up generously. From nasi goreng (my food addiction here in Indonesia) to eggs benedict and fruits. Perfect for a breakfast lover like me. I can eat a million things in the morning, but just a bit the rest of the day. But no worries, you can order any type of food from their menu brought straight to your villa any time of the day.

I also loved the baby pool we had in our villa, in which we would drink a Bintang in the afternoons. Another highlight, which might sound a little silly, was the super comfortable sofa. Maybe because it’s actually winter in Amsterdam at the moment, I was longing to stay in and just watch some movies for quite some time. The desire became reality.

in collaboration with The Asia Collective