5x Cute Breakfast Places in Madrid

5x Cute Breakfast Places in Madrid

After having explored Madrid last week, I’m excited to show you some of my favorite places to have a cute breakfast. The city got me a little surprised, Madrid is trendier than I would have thought. It’s definitely comparable to places like Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Bali when it comes to creative restaurants and cafes. A basement beach?! Yes, I’m not kidding. Read with me through cute breakfast places in Madrid.


Ojalá is located in my favorite neighborhood of Madrid, Malasaña. A funky restaurant that created a beach in their basement. As I kid, I asked my parents if we could create a beach in my room. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t agree because to me, it was a simple yet incredible idea. I’m happy to see my idea finally get my praise. Ojalá brings us a summer feeling on rainy and cold days in Madrid. The interior design is a pastel circus all the way.

They open 10 AM so you could do a breakfast slash brunch.

Federal Café

A circus, not your thing? At Federal Café you will find Scandinavian minimalism to start up your day fresh and relaxed. It’s located in the Center of Madrid. They serve healthy food like avocado toast, poached eggs etc. You know, the popular but the oh-so-good food.

Mama Framboise

Again a different feeling to have a cute breakfast (and cuter than ever) would be Mama Framboise. It’s a pastelería (bakery) with a warm, vintage ambiance. You will see locals run into each other here or meet up for chitchat over tea. Try their raspberry croissant and healthy cheesecake. They also serve matcha latte! Definitely one of the cutest breakfast places in Madrid.


The name would suggest it’s a restaurant full of colors, flowers and other Mexican scenes, but Frida in Madrid likes to suppress her feelings a bit more. This place feels fresh and light without losing its intimate and sociable vibes. Walk around the neighborhood for trendy fashion and interior boutique stores.

They open 11 AM, so it’s the perfect place for a brunch! The dinner menu is really good too.


If you happen to be in the same neighborhood as Frida, but you want to have breakfast earlier in the morning, go to Magasand. They got a nice, upstairs space with a wall full of magazines and a huge table which makes it a perfect place for freelancers to do some work. And the best thing about Magasand: they serve açaí bowl!

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