3x Highlights of Tijuana

3x Highlights of Tijuana

After a road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego, Sara (who I met in LA) and I felt for something more exciting. “As we are in San Diego anyway, why don’t we cross the border to Mexico?”. People warned us not to cross the border when we were still in the US, but curiosity couldn’t stop us.

We booked an AirBNB in the center of Tijuana and our host kindly showed us around the city. I definitely recommend staying with a local so you can get the information needed and interesting stories about the city. Because it hell is an interesting city.

Playas de Tijuana

Tijuana has a boulevard with lots of restaurants and cafes on one side and a beach on the other side. We happened to be there with valentine’s day and the boulevard was full of laughing and dancing people. Loud typical Mexican music was played. A memory I would never forget.

Roadtrip to Ensenada

The next day, we did a little road trip along the coast to the South. That road is insanely beautiful. Surreal (I seriously felt a bit derealistic). Some say it’s even more beautiful than the route from LA to San Francisco. Anyway, we ended up at Ensenada where we had the best burrito in our lives.

The border itself

I was intrigued by the border between the US and Mexico. Everything is different as soon as you will cross the border. Its landscape is hilly straight away (I’ve been told that the US only wanted the low lands). The buildings, people, ambiance…. seriously everything is different instantly. Like antagonistically.

The city of Tijuana grew against the border closely. When we were walking towards the boulevard, that I was writing about earlier, we came across the border at the ocean side. It’s so interesting to see how the border ends up in the ocean and realize how many people must have crossed it to the US…

Enjoy the differences between the US and Mexico. There is nothing more interesting than contrasts in life.