Interview with Benthe Liem About Her Travel Dreams

Interview with Benthe Liem About Her Travel Dreams

Benthe and I met during a photo shoot for Wildthings and TITS. I told her to come visit me in Bali and so she did. People with a spontaneous attitude like that are the best, right! We spent ten days on the island inseparably last November. Whilst touring the island together, it quickly became clear to me that Benthe is a huge travel lover. Let’s ask her a few things about her most special trips and biggest travel dreams.

You just came back from your third time Bali. Did you like exploring the island with your lover Isidoor

Yes, it was different of course, but it was just as fun. We wanted to go to Bali to just chill, eat, tan and eat even more.. Isidoor loves indofood so that was one of the biggest reasons for him to go to Bali again. The first time traveling together is always kind of scary. You really get to know the person at that time (this can be either a good or a bad thing). But everything went great and we had so much fun together! We already booked our next trip: New York!

What do you think it is that attracts you to the island? 

I think what I love the most is the people. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Such a big difference with Amsterdam where everyone seems to be very focussed on themselves and minding their own business.

What was your most special travel? And what place do you always miss when you’re home?

I think my most special travel was Australia. I traveled there for 3 months and it was so beautiful and so much fun. I was staying in hostels and traveling with a backpack. That is something I might never do again. But I loved it back then. Actually, I miss Bali a lot when I’m home…

I know you have lots of travel dreams. Can you tell the readers what your biggest travel dream ever is?

I think a road trip through the USA. That is something my parents really wanted to do together with the family, but which did not happen yet.

You’re living in Amsterdam since one year. What is your favorite neighborhood and what are your favorite places to have a coffee, to have a wine and to have dinner?

I think the Eastern part is my favorite area of the city. I live in the centre of Amsterdam and I love it. But it is always kinda busy and super hectic. Isidoor lives in East so I spend a lot of time here. It is really upcoming and already has a lot of cool places to go! My favorite place to have a wine (or a G&T) is at bar Basquiat. Isi and I had our first date there, so that might also be the reason that I love that place. For a coffee, I love to go Frederix. They serve the best coffee (soy latte is my fave) and it is just a five minute walk from my house. For dinner, it’s harder to name a place… There are so many amazing places here! When I turned 21, Isi organized a surprise dinner for me at Jacobsz with all my friends. It was the best birthday ever. The table looked amazing and the food was sooo good! It was the second time there for me, and it might be my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam. It is not the cheapest place tho.. For a more budget place, I love Pata Negra, a super nice Spanish tapas place.

What is your next travel adventure going to be? 

NYC with Isidoor for now. I am just looking forward to enjoy another place with him and stroll around the city. I don’t need a lot when I am traveling. Just good company and good food, haha!
I wouldn’t be surprised if another trip will come up in the next months. With fashion week around the corner, you never know!