Interview with Sophie May – Her Story on Amsterdam

Interview with Sophie May – Her Story on Amsterdam

Sophie May is everything that you would expect from an Amsterdam girl: she’s wild, stylish as hell and “On Fuego” as she says herself. This bad ass babe shows you around the Dutch capital and takes you with her on the coolest press trips around the world. Her wild curly hair and voluminous lips will for sure get you straight away. Let’s find out about this babe’s travel dreams…

You were recently in LA for a couple of weeks. We can feel your love for California. What makes you crazy about the Cali-lifestyle?

Morning coffees (AC!) and cozy long walks with their dogs – and ofc: sun, sun sun!! I love how everyone in LA is super friendly, people are so open and talk randomly with each other on the streets. That’s quite a contrast with the Dutch – who are definitely more reserved. I think we could learn a thing or two from Cali people, but then again, so could they (we never take things too serious – something they seem to be really good in haha)

But no better connection between you and Amsterdam. Tell us your story with the city!

I’m originally from a city called Leiden. It looks a bit like the Dam, we even have a canal, but the city is super super tiny. When I started my masters on the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, a move was the logical thing to do. Also, a lot of my friends had moved already and even my two brothers were living in the capital for quite a while already. I escaped my tiny hometown, together with my ex-boyfriend back then. I’ve been moving houses within Amsterdam for 4 times since then.

Please share your wildest tips for Amsterdam!

Oh, Amsterdam can be wild, but also very cozy. My favorite thing to do is to take morning walks on the canals while everyone is still asleep haha. You should see the Dam Square on Monday morning! It’s deserted and gorgeous. We also have some great festivals during summer – there are several each weekend. My favorite has to be my brothers; Thuishaven. So proud of what he managed to build! Also if you want some crazy techno/deep-house/disco whatever parties visit The School. Promise you won’t get out before 8 in the morning 😉
If you want to chill by the water, try ‘De Waterkant’ or ‘Hanneke’s Boom’, those are really nice and fun to just have drinks and catch up with friends.

What coffee bars would you visit before you would go on fire in front of the camera?

Lot Sixty One, Scandinavian Embassy, Toki, Vinnies and the coffee company for AC’s on the go!

What’s the coolest press trip you’ve ever done?

Oh gosh, I can’t even pick one. I’ve been to so many! Think Paris, Ibiza, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turkey, Russia… oh, I’m probably forgetting a bunch. All of them were equally great.

Is there any other place on earth you would like to live at for a certain period of time?

LA, London, New York. I’m good with any of those three.

Share your biggest travel dreams!

Alrighty, do you have a minute? Australia, New Zealand, Seychelles, San Fransisco, Bali, Maldives, Iceland, Vietnam, South Africa, – to be honest, this is a never-ending list.