Like an Indian Princess at Alsisar Hotels in Jaipur

Like an Indian Princess at Alsisar Hotels in Jaipur

Arriving at Alsisar Hotels in Jaipur is like visiting heaven after an interesting, chaotic drive through the city. It’s a peaceful place within the old city of Jaipur. This heritage hotel creates authentic Royal Rajasthani moments for you.

The hotel consists of several buildings with a typical Indian interior and architecture design. The refined details are insanely beautiful and attract the eyes unbrokenly. New details and corners can be discovered endlessly. It’s exactly what I expected to see my first trip to India.

Jaipur excites all senses intensely, Alsisar neutralizes them subsequently. The hotel felt so serene after an intense trip through the city. We would have a coffee at the big square to recover a bit. The sounds of birds chirping and a man playing typical Indian flute sounds was calming us down.

The last morning before we checked out, we laid down at their extremely beautiful poolside. Again, lots of refined Indian design details. Like graceful pillars, sunbeds with flair, colorful flowers and silver peacocks artwork on the walls. Relaxing here made us feel like Indian princesses.

The room was really comfortable and clean. The breakfast wasn’t too massive. Ask them to make you an omelet with whatever veggies you like, I loved it!



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