Most Memorable Moments in San Francisco

Most Memorable Moments in San Francisco

When I was living in Arizona for one month in Jan ’16, I flew to San Francisco and stayed with a friend in Outer Richmond. After a few days having strolled through the city, I dare to conclude San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unbelievable beautiful. However, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite city in the world. Let me get back to that while telling you my most memorable moments in San Francisco.

The neighborhood Outer Richmond

I was staying in a neighborhood just outside the city called Outer Richmond. At Fulton street to be precise, the street directly next to the Golden Gate Park. I was amazed by this district. Big streets located on low hills with the ultimate Californian vibe. You know.. the laid-back, surfer kinda vibe. I would run through the Golden Gate Park towards the ocean, run uphill on the boulevard, do a little bit of the Lands End trail and run back through the neighborhood. It’s so cool how much nature this district has to offer.

View on top of the hills

The views from the hills are breathtakingly gorgeous. Just walk anywhere in the city center uphill and you will find beautiful views. I remember the most amazing view I’d seen was from Chinatown and from the touristy Lombard street. If you’re a lazy mother*, take the famous cable train from Union Square.

The Stinking Rose

A restaurant where they only serve dishes including garlic, yup even desserts. As a garlic lover, this was definitely one of the most memorable moments in San Francisco.

A weird mix of businessmen and homeless people

Because I was strolling around the entire city, I ended up in several neighborhoods where I didn’t feel safe and comfortable, mostly around Market and Powell street. It has a weird mixture of businessmen and homeless people. You would expect them to be in different districts, but they come together in SF.

Vintage shopping in Haight-Ashbury

Haight-Ashbury offers a wide-range of vintage shops. The neighborhood has such a cool and artsy vibe. I would imagine how life would be during the rock-n-roll and hippies time.