5x Most Trendy and Fun Beaches in Bali

5x Most Trendy and Fun Beaches in Bali

Being bored at a beach easily, makes me hunt for the most trendy and fun beaches in Bali. I love it when there are lots of people and cute warungs (=eat cafes in Bahasa) around. Ideally would be a view on surfers in the distant waters (I actually wouldn’t mind them closely around me either). Let me show you my favorite fun beaches on the island!

Bingin Beach in Uluwatu

Bingin Beach is definitely one of the most sociable beaches in Bali. Bingin has that vibe that makes it super easy to talk to random people. I had quite a few, nice talks with people I didn’t meet before. The beach isn’t the biggest, but that only makes it more intimate and social.

There are lots of warungs around of which Kelly’s Warung the most popular one.

Thaikila Swimwear just opened the cutest little cabin store this year. Bingin is on trend.

Balangan Beach in Uluwatu

Balangan Beach has a different vibe than Bingin. It feels rawer and the warungs are even more simple and primitive. But it can be quite crowded with people chilling at warungs, working on their tans or going out for a surf. You can even do a yoga class at Balangan. A blonde woman is always walking around promoting her classes.

Echo Beach in Canggu

Canggu’s most popular beach. Personally, I know it best for its parties (hello sandbar oh oh ohh), but Echo Beach is also really famous for its waves. This is the place where you can spot professional surfers doing cool tricks on their boards. The warungs serve pretty good food. Not only local food, but you can also find other Asian food like sushi and dumplings.

The beach is just really dark and I feel its a bit dirty. Also, sadly enough, street dogs with nasty wounds on their bodies could pass by while you’re laying down on the beach.

Berawa Beach in Canggu

Berawa is Canggu’s most upcoming neighborhood. Finns Beach Club is located here (Aussie’s paradise), but if you’re looking for a more authentic feeling, have a sunset drink at The Naked Coconut. Also, the street towards the beach has some of my favorite restaurants like The Piring Daun and Two Trees Eatery.

Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu

Sunday’s Beach Club (previously Finns) is located at the most Southern point of the island. You would have to take a little railway down from the cliff to the beach, which is an experience on its own.

Take a full day to relax here. There is an entrance fee of like 300K rupias, but it’s definitely worth the price. You will not find a cleaner beach in Bali and you can borrow SUP-boards and snorkel gear. Around sunset, they will make a bonfire with beanbags around it. Order a cocktail for the ultimate sunset experience!