Non-Touristy Things to do Lanzarote – Canarian Islands

Non-Touristy Things to do Lanzarote – Canarian Islands

I’ve been to almost all of the Canarian islands. Lanzarote is the one I most recently stayed at for a period of one month. I’m such a sucker for dry, desert kind of natures – which Lanzarote satisfies me in doubtlessly – but this island is even more special. Lanzarote has unique dark-brown, volcanic landscapes with all white villages. It got me straight away.

I drove around the island with my hired car and skipped the many touristic things that you can do on the island. I was flabbergasted by the beauty of the island. Let me show you the non-touristic things you can do in Lanzarote to get as admired as I was.


Drive Around Park Timanfaya

Drive the road from Yaiza to Mancha Blanca that goes through the national park Timanfaya. Go slowly to enjoy the beautiful nature. It for sure is a unique experience to drive in a field of (dry) lava. It’s insanely cool. I believe the only way to go up on Timanfaya is by a bus tour or a guided hike tour. I’m personally not a fan of those, but just so you know it’s optional. Also note that you can’t just randomly stop your car next to the road, only at special parking spots.

Take surfing lessons at La Caleta de Famara

Famara is a surfing spot at La Caleta. You can take surf, SUP or kite lessons here. The ambiance is quite special around this place. Extremely laid-back (slightly deserted) and just really cool. It’s surrounded by beautiful cliffs that colors differently depending on the weather.

Explore hippy village Teguise

The village Teguise has a Sunday market which is intensely touristic, still a recommendation, but I encourage you to visit the village also on another day to experience the serenity of the village. It’s the most trendy town I found on the island. It has a sort of hippy vibe which I found really interesting.

Explore the Nothern part of the island

The Nothern part of the island is less touristic and has greener nature because it rains more. I stayed at an AirBNB halfway on a volcano and we got the chance to hike to the top. I love how this part of the island feels more raw, pure and adventurous. It’s the perfect getaway from touristy Lanzarote.

Visit the fishing village Orzola and drive the road from Mirador del Río to Yé. The view is amazing while driving high above sea level.

Have dinner at Plaza Leon Y Castillo in Haria. A restaurant with a true, authentic Spanish feeling. Ask for the Canarian potatoes with the red and green sauces. A pretty simple dish, but they are really proud to serve them and I understand why. They are delicious!