The House of Sandeman in Porto

The House of Sandeman in Porto

I recently did a little road trip from Porto to Lisbon with my brother, as sort of an adventurous start of my move to Lisbon. After heard so many good things about Porto, I was intensely curious to finally see this city.

We stayed on the other side of the Douro River at The House of Sandeman. Sandeman is a famous port wine brand. I saw their name and logo popping up in different areas of the city, and even in Lisbon, where I am right now. I was surprised by their concept of combining trendy suites with hostel dorms. It gives such a young yet trendy feeling.

So, we had one of the suites booked, the double room with river view. It was the perfect room for us to get introduced to Porto, as the view of the river and city is just incredible. We could even see the Ponte Luis 1 from our balcony. The interior design is super stylish: retro yet really modern. A huge bathroom with walk-in shower made us feel so at ease.

I personally wouldn’t mind staying in one of their dorms. They contain several single beds with a custom framing inspired by the Port wine barrels. So creative and so insanely cool! Even though you would sleep with probably light eight other people (which is a nice opportunity to meet like-minded travelers), I can imagine it would still feel like spending a night in a boutique hotel.

I thought the city Porto was really interesting to explore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to find the coolest hotspots but for sure got a feeling of the city and the locals. There is something special about Porto, something that makes this city more unique than other ones. The ambiance is really raw and cool, yet still soft and friendly.

I definitely understand why everyone seems to be talking about Porto now…