Interview with Domino and Matt: Two Lovebirds Exploring The World

Interview with Domino and Matt: Two Lovebirds Exploring The World

There are tons of travel blogs and Instagram accounts nowadays, exciting us to book a ticket and explore the world. But if you would ask me who inspires me the most to keep on traveling around, I would say it’s my dearest friend Domino. She’s voyaging the globe together with her Aussie boyfriend Matt. Two lovebirds exploring different cultures and enjoying nature, that’s how beautiful life can be.

You guys met in Bali. How did the island connect you two together? 

The life in Bali is so simple. We met very spontaneously and Bali is a place that gives endless opportunities if that makes sense. I do not think it would be as simple if we would have met in Stockholm or Melbourne. I feel very spiritual and Bali is an extremely spiritual place. I believe things happen for a reason. The meet up of Matt and I was meant to be, for sure.

You traveled to lots of different places in just one year time. What places did you travel to?

We had an amazing year of traveling, indeed. Matt had to finalise a course in Australia before we head off. Our first stop was Bali followed by Maldives for his birthday, Sri Lanka for mine, Thailand, South Africa, Dubai, Sweden, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, India, Maldives again, Malaysia and finally, we explored other parts of Indonesia other than Bali. We are back in Australia for a while now and have been exploring many stunning places such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Queensland, Byron Bay, Lakes Entrance, as well as smaller towns such as Bright, Wagga Wagga and Metung.

What was your most special trip ever?

Oh, what a tough question. All trips have been so special to both of us. The world we are living in have so many breathtaking spots to offer and we are so lucky that have been able to explore many of them. I have to say Maldives was very special for me. I have always dreamt about visiting one of the paradise islands of Maldives. Matt’s biggest dream since he was a kid was to visit South Africa so that is high up on the list for him. Maldives and South Africa is the answer.

How are you guys able to travel around almost non-stop? 

We both work online. I have my Instagram accounts and Matt does certain things online as well, such as an online personal training and video making, which allows us to have this lifestyle. I feel so lucky about this!

You guys spend some winter months in Stockholm. How did Matt like that?

He hated it, haha. Nah but he is used to a warm climate with nothing below 10 degrees. Sweden does get extremely cold, so a minus 10 came as a shock to him. He enjoyed celebrating a white, snowy Christmas and my family was so happy to finally meet the love of my life. The people in Sweden are very different to Aussies. In general slightly more rude and quiet, so that was definitely a change for him. We both agreed on that we won’t ever base in a cold climate country.

What do you appreciate about Europe, what about Asia, what about Australia?

I don’t think I would ever loose my love for Europe and Australia. I absolutely love seasons, which Europe offers in particular. Europe offers a lot of history and culture; Asia a lot of colours, happiness, beaches and turquoise waters; Australia literally got it all. Beaches, cities, snow, wildlife, tropics, SUPERNICE people. Australia is an amazing country and I love (almost) everything about it.

What are your travel plans and dreams for the coming years? Are you making plans to settle down somewhere or would you guys like to keep moving around?

We are planning our next trip at this moment. We are currently in Australia but will head off to Bali in the next coming months. Followed by Chengdu in China to see pandas (a huge dream of mine), Hong Kong, back to Malaysia and Maldives. After that we are off to Dubai and Europe. We are going to explore Istanbul, Greece, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, Berlin and Croatia. After Europe we are off to countries in Africa as well as the US. Very very exciting destinations coming up.

Our next goal is to get a base somewhere in the world. We are both excited to settle down for a little bit and to be able to do simple things, such as cook our own meals and be able to place your deodorant somewhere, haha. We also want a dog, which might actually be the main reason to settle down.