Various Awesome Lunchspots in Lisbon (Including Vegan Restaurant Options!)

Various Awesome Lunchspots in Lisbon (Including Vegan Restaurant Options!)

We Dutchies usually only have one big meal a day, just when the night falls around 6 PM. During the day we would simply eat a slice of bread, with cheese, and some milk perhaps. I used to dislike the Dutch lunch culture already quite a lot as a kid. But those last few months living in Portugal, I’ve learned to eat warm dishes during the afternoon. I was so happy to discover Portuguese actually eat quite extensively not once, but twice a day! How can you not love having a great lunch, and then later that day, an awesome dinner again? Or two times pizza a day, why not? I mean…

So, as having a considerable lunch became a thing for me here, I would love to show you some of my favorite lunch spots in Lisbon!

Unique location

When a restaurant has a unique location and offers a special experience because of that, they have me straight away. The most unique lunch experience I had in Lisbon so far, must be Ponto Final on the other side of Lisbon. Take a ferry from Cais do Sodré to Cachillas and walk in the direction of the red bridge. You will come across several restaurants on the waterside with a gorgeous view over Lisbon and the bridge. Keep in mind that they are often fully booked, so it’s best to make a reservation one or several weeks in front.

If you don’t feel like taking the ferry to the other side, but love to have lunch close to the water anyway, I would recommend Cais da Pedra. Enjoy a rich lunch with a luxury touch, whilst savoring the sun’s reflections on the water.


For a true Portuguese gastronomy experience, you got to try out Petiscos when you’re in Lisbon. Petiscos are a sort of tapas, but they come in a bigger portion. The idea is that you can taste more dishes by ordering them in a smaller version. I absolutely like the concept as I’m a lover of sharing food. For petiscos with a true Portuguese feeling you got to try out Taberna Portuguesa. The best pestiscos experience I had was at Sr. Lisboa without a doubt. A cute restaurant with great ambience, excellent service and dishes that make your mouth salver. I was surprised by the creative menu, Portuguese petiscos with a unique international touch.

Vegan food

Although I’m not a vegan myself, I do love vegan food and I like to support the movement. I personally eat vegetarian several days a week. I haven’t discovered a lot of restaurants in Lisbon for the herbivorian among us yet, but ao 26 vegan food project will satisfy all vegan needs. I love the Feijoada they serve. My favorite Brazilian dish that usually contains a lot of different meat types (it might even come with pig’s tail, feet and ear), but they accomplished to make a vegan version pretty well. I would also highly recommend newly opened Farès in Rua de São Paulo. Most of their dishes are plant-based. The cauliflower is amazing! Or if you happen to be in the Campo de Ourique area, definitely pay a visit to the Hummusbar in the Mercado.

Spots with trendy interior

If you’re into the trendy Instagrammable restaurant, Lisbon won’t disappoint you for sure. Bowls & Bar has a nice concept of food in bowls and a cool, trendy interior (see above). Some other spots with a great and trendy interior: Dear Breakfast, Early Birds, Fauna & Flora and Nicolau.

Favorite Pizzarias

I’m pretty specific when it comes to pizza. To me, it’s important that pizza has a thin and crispy crust. The thinner they are able to make them, the happier I am. If you agree with me and you happen to be around Cais do Sodré, I would recommend Mano o Mano or Pizzaria Lisboa. I also love Luzzo which is just a couple of minutes from my home (winning big time).