24 hours in Versailles – What to do

24 hours in Versailles – What to do

Paris is always a good idea, but Versailles might be even a better idea. Especially if you’re a huge Paris fan but excited for a change. Paris is classic, Versailles is even more classic. This suburb, 30 minutes from the city of love, is all about sophistication and style. And not to forget: royalty. What to do if you have 24 hours to spend in Versailles?

Château de Versailles

The palace is the main reason why tourists visit Versailles. It is intriguing to see how the royal French family used to live here around 1700. The buildings and gardens are overwhelmingly glorious and beautiful.

What I enjoyed most was to walk around the enormous gardens, enjoy the space and the garden architecture. It’s amazing how everything is so perfectly designed.

You will find a Ladurée inside the palace, the most famous Parisian pastry shop for macaroons.

Explore neighborhood Notre Dame

Everything is walkable within Versailles and that makes it really pleasant for a little city trip. Notre Dame is definitely the cutest neighborhood to explore. The street des deux portes has a bunch of cute shops. Buy some cookies at La Varenne to take back home for your loved ones and have a glass of French wine on a terrace.

Find heaps of restaurants around the City Hall. We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Le V. Some restaurants have an authentic, old-fashioned feeling, but several trendy and young restaurants can be found here as well. I was also curious about the cheese restaurant Le Cheese Club and Thai restaurant L’endroit. But those are for the next times I will be here.

Stay at Les Demoiselles à Versailles

Book the same apartment where I stayed at for ultimate comfort and to feel like a princess in Versailles. Les Demoiselles à Versailles is a beautiful apartment right next to the palace.

While most people visit Versailles during a city trip to Paris, we encourage you to do it the other way around: Versailles is worth a city trip, and spent a day in Paris when you got a spare day.


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