Wilderness Glamping at Dera Amer in Jaipur

Wilderness Glamping at Dera Amer in Jaipur

One of the most amazing experiences in my life: wilderness glamping at Dera Amer in Jaipur. I recently read an article saying that we millennials value experiences over owning things, and I fully understand why, especially after having glamped (glamour camping) at Dera Amer.

We got picked up from Jaipur with a jeep covered in dust. I felt straight away that, after a serene stay at Alsisar, we would have a wild experience the next days. The camp isn’t too far away from the city, but it’s still distinct enough to be surrounded by nothing but nature. We were welcomed at the camp with a few bananas and carrots. Not for us, obviously, but to feed their adorable elephant Laxmi. Such a special welcome!

It didn’t take long before we also spotted beautiful peacocks and wild monkeys. I didn’t expect to see so many peacocks this trip, but they turned out to be common like geckos in Bali. The elephant Laxmi took us for a walk to the tent camp where we got a nice glass of prosecco. The terrain contains four luxury tents and nice corners for such as having dinner and bonfires. Dera Amer takes only one booking at the time which makes it really private and special. So if you happen to be with just the two of you, the other tents aren’t used at all.

For sunset, they brought us some chairs and drinks to watch the sunset from a small mountain. Another moment we were flabbergasted by the service of Dera Amer. After a little bit of relaxing and watching stars from sunbeds, we were invited to come have dinner. A buffet with typical Indian dishes which we really enjoyed!

The tent itself feels luxury and comfortable yet brings a true camping experience (which couldn’t be more glamping). A convenient bathroom, satisfying beds and provides everything else a usual hotel room offers.

We were highly impressed by the service Dera Amer in Jaipur. They did everything they could to make us feel at ease. And it worked. We never felt so wild and free among nature yet completely peaceful at the same time!


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