Villa V Uluwatu – a Breathtaking Loft at Bingin Beach

Villa V Uluwatu – a Breathtaking Loft at Bingin Beach

I recently stayed a few nights in the villa of my dreams: Villa V Uluwatu. A little piece of heaven straight on my favorite beach in the world, Bingin Beach in Bali. I actually don’t spend a lot of time on the beach those months that I’m residing in Bali, but weekends away at Bingin always rejuvenate me intensely. And staying at Villa V was absolutely a dream.

It’s a villa on the most left side of the beach, which makes it feel really secluded and provides breathtakingly beautiful views over the ocean and typical Uluwatu landscapes. Massive rocks, deep greens, pink flowers and azure blue waters. I’m always intrigued by the mysterious fog that sort of hangs around the cliffs around the Bukit. It expresses the magic on the Bali energy in such a charming way. Having this view from the villa makes it such a special place, in my eyes.

The villa is a concrete heaven: both the interior (like stairs and furniture) and architecture are designed from concrete. A dream to me, as a concrete-lover. The bathroom is one open area with a huge rain shower. The black-framed windows make it super stylish and give the best views over Bingin and the ocean. The sunset views are unbelievable beautiful – probably one of the best sunset spots I’ve been at in Bali.

We left the curtains open at night, so we would wake-up with a sunrise view for the full experience. Ask the girls to bring your breakfast to your room, so you can enjoy a relaxing morning, continued by a refreshing swim in the ocean.



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