My Favorite Beach in Bali: Bingin Beach

My Favorite Beach in Bali: Bingin Beach

Bingin has everything that I look for in a beach, it’s my favorite beach in bali. It’s such a sociable beach, it has uncountable warungs, it’s beautifully surrounded by cliffs, soft and light-colored sand and blueish water. It’s pretty, and let’s be honest, not all beaches in Bali are pretty. Bingin doesn’t have aggressive waves at the shore. It’s the only beach I actually love to go into the ocean.

For the most fun part of the beach, follow the signs to Kelly’s Warung which is a great place to have lunch or hide from the sun.

If you wanna be more private, just take the right stairs down instead of going left to Kelly’s Warung. When you pass Chocky’s or Mick’s place, you’re on the right way. Just find your way down to the beach. It’s super relaxing and so so beautiful. Make sure you won’t be there during high tide as there will be no beach at all.

Shop your new bikini at the Thaikila cabin store, eat the day’s catch in the evening with candlelight at Bingin Bagus (best time to get a table just straight after sunset) and stay at Sticky 2 which is the cutest place to find at Bingin. Everything is painted white and has an adorable, bohemian interior, but nothing beats the view you will get from that place. It’s incredible.

Just one disadvantage: the hard stairs that lead you from the cliff down to the beach. But just consider it as a workout and your daily exercise is done.